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föra cost containment stays abreast of all CMS guidelines as they pertain to prepaCMSSubmission01ration and submission of your Medicare Set-Aside. Since the review and approval process can be frustrating and frequently burdened by delays, our accurate and streamlined process can save you valuable time and money. And remember, the consequences for failing to properly submit a Medicare Set-Aside Allocation for settlements that meet CMS review criteria can be serious for ALL parties involved in the settlement, including the actual injured party.


CMS Submission services include:

  • * Preparation of the MSA and all supporting documents required by CMS
  • * Electronic submission to CMS via CD or CMS’ Online Submission Portal
  • * Ongoing communication with CMS to verify:
    • * Successful receipt of the package by CMS
    • * Package acceptance – all necessary documents are included
    • * Status updates
    • * If the allocation amount is changed, understand and communicate why CMS recommended the change
  • * Reconsideration to CMS, if applicable
  • * $0 Allocation Submission to CMS
  • * $0 Allocation submission services includes the following:
  • * Preparation of the submission document and supporting attachments requesting approval of a $0 MSA allocation in disputed/denied cases
    • * Social Security and Medicare Status determination
    • * Medicare conditional payment claim investigation
    • * Ongoing communication with CMS throughout the review process

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