Pre-Resolution Services


Social Security Verification offers services to verify eligibility for Medicare and Social Security Disability coverage.  We verify, with your local Social Security Administration offices and with CMS, the Medicare and Social Security Disability eligibility of the claimant. Specifically, we verify:

  • * If the injured individual is receiving Social Security Disability or Retirement
  • * If the injured individual is eligible or receiving Medicare
  • * If the injured individual is age-eligible or within 30 months of becoming a Medicare beneficiary

Conditional Liens  föra cost containment reports the claim and obtains the conditional payment “lien” status and detail, reviewing information provided by CMS for accuracy, and negotiating discrepancies on your behalf. We work with you to obtain the Final Demand Letter, and upon payment of the demand, secure the Lien closure letter for your claim file.

Medical Cost ProjectionAlso known as “quick cost” where a cost analysis is completed by a certified cost specialist who is extensively trained on specific diagnoses, common needs and potential complications, which are all factored into the cost calculationA cost estimate projects all future costs associated with the diagnoses and future needs of the claimant.

Medicare Set-Aside Allocation föra cost containment addresses future medical costs for Medicare-covered claims following careful review of the injured party’s past medical treatment, current condition, future needs, clinical practice guidelines, standards of care, life expectancy, state-specific guidelines or other applicable pricing structures, and Medicare coverage determinations. Turnaround times on files are typically 7 days from receipt of all necessary medical records, without sacrificing report accuracy. We also perform Legal Zero MSA’s,  MSA Rewrites and provide a brief report on non-Medicare covered items and services when applicable . **MSA RUSH services available for 1-day, 3-day or 5-day turnaround.

Second Opinion Medicare Set-Aside AllocationA second MSA completed on behalf of a beneficiary as a second opinion to a previously generated MSA allocation report by another vendor.     

CMS Submission We have already established relationships within the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services bureaus at the national and local levels and are experts in their processes and procedures. We submit liens and MSA’s via CMS’ portals to expedite handling.

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