Life Care Plan

föra cost containment provides a comprehensive Life Care Plan that is specific to an injuredlifecareplan01individual and their specific medical condition, spanning the individual’s remaining lifespan.  The Life Care Plan is developed by Nurse Life Care Planners and Life Care Planners.

föra cost containment reviews and analyzes medical records payment histories along with projections of all medical expenses.  In addition, we include:

  • * planning for integration of the injured party into the community,
  • * assessment or enhancement of their vocational skills,
  • * addressing their transportation needs,
  • * and modifications for their everyday living needs.

A Life Care Plan provides a guide for the patient, family, caregivers, and payers to follow. This will ensure funds are available for medical and non-medical needs, providing the highest level of functionality and quality throughout the life of the injured individual.

Catastrophic injury examples would include:

  • * Spinal cord injury
  • * Burns
  • * Traumatic brain injury
  • * Amputations
  • * Crush Injury
  • * Multiple trauma
  • * Blindness
  • * Extended Medical Treatment
  • * AIDS/HIV
  • * Multiple surgeries
  • * Toxic exposure
  • * Ventilator dependency
  • * Transplants
  • * Cerebral palsy
  • * Chronic Pain
  • * RSD


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