Independent Medical Exam

föra cost containment offers non-biased and objective Independent Medical Examination Services for those seeking answers to questions about the medical nature, cause and treatment surrounding injuries relative to a claim where the claimant receives or is eligible for Medicare Secondary Payer Act benefits.   All of our Physicians are Board Certified and provide the following:IME_shutterstock_99972986

  • * Review all appropriate and available medical records associated with the claimant involved with the claim
  • * Independently review history with the claimant to clarify questions, document patient concerns and/or complaints, or clarify missing information
  • * Provide detailed response to the the seeking party’s questions based on objective medical evidence
  • * Establish the status of disability and the level of impairment in terms of activities of daily living
  • * Confirm diagnosis
  • * Determine reasonableness, appropriateness and necessity of treatment (including length of stay, level of care, quality of service)
  • * Determine causal relationship of diagnosis to illness or condition
  • * Will determine the status of disability and continuation of employee benefits
  • * Fiduciary for claims determinations

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