Clinical Foresight Services

föra cost containment offers Clinical Intervention Services:  Precursory MSA Services assist in determining the most appropriate settlement terms, aligning with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act requirements.  These services include:

Medical Record Review Clinical review by licensed nurses or physicians experienced with workers’ compensation claims, review all medical  records for  strengths and weaknesses of a case, for appropriateness of treatment based on clinical practice guidelines, standards of care and assessment of progress.  Based on these factors,  we provide a formal report with a strategic plan and nursing recommendations to assist in identifying future medical treatment needs, appropriate medical allowance and exposure for the claim are determined. This review will assist you in bringing the claim closer to resolution, reducing high dollar prescriptions or treatments that may increase future costs/MSA allocations and delay or prohibit resolution and claim closure.

Drug Regimen Reviews föra cost containment provides, for a specified injured party, a drug utilization review where we list all of the medications the injured party  is taking or has taken for a defined period of time. Our doctors will propose rationale and use, as well as review for contraindications, side effects or warnings.  We also provide more extensive reviews, including opioid prescription reviews, as well as pharmacist Peer-to-Peer oversight.

Life Care Plan föra cost containment’s Life Care Planning Experts develop plans which identify lifetime future medical needs as well as vocational rehabilitation needs for an injured party with catastrophic injuries.   Turnaround time is dependent on the plan, due to the complexity variations for each injured party.

Peer Review Evidence-based evaluation of medical records and documentation for which physical exams are not required.

Case Management Telephonic and Field Case Management services for more complex cases including catastrophic injuries where the claimant is receiving or eligible for Medicare Secondary Payer Act benefits.

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